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Communications Policy for Women’s Leadership Network (WLN)


One major benefit of WLN membership is the opportunity to conduct business with over 200 tri-state female professionals. In order to assure quality, effective and relevant communications, please note the following opportunities to market to your fellow WLN members.


Personal Information

  • Each members' personal information is stored within a secure and protected database. 

  • No information is released publicly; unless to an organization that paid for the member and provided the name.

  • WLN requests your name, email, phone, company you work for, the position within that company, and address.

    • The following information is available for other members of WLN, only ​through a login portal

      • Name​

      • Email

      • Company 

      • Position

  • If you have any questions, please email us.

Monthly Events

  • The president will ask for any member updates each luncheon. Members will have the opportunity to give a 30-second “commercial” to the attendees.

  • Consider coming a few minutes early to events to give yourself time to meet and chat with the fellow attendees at your table. 


Booth Spotlights

  • Members can showcase business or volunteer opportunities during monthly luncheons. 

  • WLN will allow a maximum of two booths per luncheon. These are handled on a first call first serve basis. 

  • Booth spotlights are limited to one per company and/or organization per year, WLN members and local non-profits. 

  • If you are interested in a hosting a booth, email WLN Programming Director. 



  • All WLN member emails are listed in the WLN membership area. Please limit the use of this list for one-on-one communications to another WLN member.

  • If you send one or more e-mails on this list to market your business, it is now considered a commercial e-mail and you must follow the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. This law was established to reduce the amount of SPAM individuals receive in their e-mail accounts. 

    • Exception: This law only applies to sending commercial e-mails to those recipients that you do not already have a relationship with. Therefore, if you use the e-mail(s) from the WLN directory to market or sell, you must follow the guidelines of the CAN-SPAM Act. 

    • Here are the basics:

      • Your subject line must not be misleading about the content of the e-mail.

      • You must give the recipients an opportunity to opt-out of receiving further emails from them. Once a recipient opts-out, you may no longer e-mail them about your business.

      • In the e-mail, you must include your business’ physical mailing address.

For further information, visit Federal Trade Commission. If you have questions or need clarification, contact the WLN communications director.



  • WLN Facebook group is an online space where WLN members and non-members can participate on Facebook to share WLN events, news, success stories, and words of encouragement. 

  • The page is not designed for solicitation. Any form of product promotion is a violation of this rule. 


Video and Photographs

  • Photographs and video may be taken at Women Leadership Network (WLN) events for use on WLN websites, marketing materials and publications. By attending these events, you consent to WLN using your image for these purposes without compensation. 


The WLN is open to your ideas on how we can provide you with more opportunities to do business with other members. Please forward any ideas or suggestions to any WLN Board Member. A full listing of board members and their emails can be found at 


Updated: October 2021 

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