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Tue, Jul 21


Live Webinar

July Virtual Luncheon with John Graci

Join us to learn about the topic "Leadership is an Intervention: Confronting Problem Employees"

July Virtual Luncheon with John Graci
July Virtual Luncheon with John Graci

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Jul 21, 2020, 11:45 AM – 1:15 PM

Live Webinar

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If you've been a leader for more than five minutes you know that people problems are the biggest problems. Leaders have an obligation to confront unwanted behavior that crushes productivity, destroys morale and can push your best people out the door. Jammed with proven ideas, words and methods, this program delivers actionable tactics to reduce stress & conflict between leaders and employees. Discover how to effectively deal with conflict. Confront people with courage. This practical and enjoyable program blends real world solutions, with insight, clarity and wit. Specific words and phrases you should and shouldn’t use. Learn how to confront bosses when they demonstrate unwanted behavior.

John has more than 22 years of management experience. He has the unique ability to look at the leader and employee relationship in straightforward terms which allows him to coach managers through the process of changing their employees’ attitudes and performances. John also assists leaders in understanding the responsibilities that go along with their position and the consequences of not applying their knowledge.

John possesses a folksy, tell-it-like-it-is approach that comes across as refreshing and riveting. Executives often thank him for articulating, in very practical terms, what they have been trying to get across to their employees for years. He received his bachelor's degree in Speech Communication from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls and is the author of the leadership book, The Buck Stops with You, published in 2009.  John has performed at locations from the Mirage in Las Vegas to overnight retreats located in International Falls, MN to CNN!  He currently resides in Cottage Grove, MN.

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